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New radar gun may inform police if you're texting




Typically, we don't really enjoy seeing radar-gun-wielding traffic cops. They have a tendency to ruin our day. But, a new sort of radar gun may have us quickly singing their praises. The Virginian-Pilot reports that there's a new tool that will be able to tell officers if a driver is texting rather than paying attention to the road. Oh yes, we like this idea.

The company is ComSonics, and its miraculous device can detect the radio waves from an active phone inside of a car. According to spokesman Malcolm McIntyre, it's not all that different from what cable repairmen use to find damaged cable lines.

Importantly, the new device is capable of parsing through the various frequencies that accompany telephone and data signals and isolate those for text messages, so you aren't likely to get nabbed if you're talking via Bluetooth or you receive an email.

According to McIntyre, the gun-like device is "close to production," and as far as we're concerned, it all sounds very helpful.

What are your thoughts on this? Should police have this sort of enforcement technology? What about people that have a passenger sending a text message? How would law enforcement handle that? Have your say in Comments.

News Source: The Virginian-Pilot

Image Credit: Nell Redmond / AP

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